Exploration Plan

A comprehensive 14-month work programme is under way to develop the Bruin Point asset through exploration and into commercial production by the end of 2018, in accordance with guidance from the Independent Qualified Reserve Evaluators Gustavson Associates.

The exploration for helium and other commodities on the Bruin Point leasehold will begin with the acquisition of 50 additional miles of 2D seismic data and exploration of further historical vertical exploratory well data, which will refine the structural configuration of the subsurface and delineate the commercial opportunity.

Once the additional data is interpreted, one or two vertical exploratory wells will be drilled to test the potential reservoirs through the Kaibab (4,500 feet) into the base of the Manning Canyon horizon at 9,500 feet. The results of this well will guide the prioritisation of potential reservoirs and production information.

All zones will be tested for resource components but it is likely two zones would be chosen for four horizontal wells. Construction of production facilities will follow, linked easily to adjacent infrastructure and just two miles from established helium processing facilities.

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