Widely used in a range of common technologies as well as a growing range of innovative applications in advanced industries

A colorless, odorless, inert, non-toxic, non-flammable gas, which is lighter than air and has the lowest boiling point of all elements, making it essential for a wide range of innovative and advanced applications, including medical, technological and industrial.

Helium is today widely used in applications that are part of everyday life, including:

Helium is also used in a rapidly increasing range of high-tech and laboratory and research applications, including:


Controlled Atmosphere
Other Cryogenic
Fibre Optics
Leak Detection
Purging/ Pressurizing

Helium is critical to medical imaging, computing, space exploration, manufacturing, welding, commercial and recreational diving, research and military purposes. Magnetic imaging (MRI machines) currently represents the largest single use of helium, accounting for 20% of total demand. Welding applications make up 17% of total demand, while the rapidly expanding laboratory research sector make up 10%. Other major uses include lifting (8%), fibre optics (6%), purging/pressurizing (6%) and leak detection (5%), and electronics 4%.

Innovative High-Profile Projects

A number of high profile projects are also currently underway, which have the potential to boost the demand for helium and raise its profile as a valuable commodity, potentially sparking further use cases.

These include:

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