Bruin Point Helium is an energy company developing world-class helium assets across North America to become a leading producer for the North American and global helium markets.

Founded in December 2014, Bruin Point was established to acquire and develop helium-rich areas with significant commercial opportunities for resource exploration and development.

Identifying the rapid growth in demand for helium as a result of exciting new applications across healthcare, technology, and other advanced industries, the company secured a ten-year lease for 12 Federal licenses totaling 17,767 acres within the prolific resource-generating Greater Uinta Basin area in Carbon County, Utah.

Located only two miles from established helium processing facilities, this strategic location provides Bruin Point with a seamless path from discovery to production.

Positive drilling results in and around the Uinta Basin site are backed up by seismic data to indicate the presence of potentially globally significant resources.

Independent Qualified Reserves Evaluators Gustavson Associates LLC, based in Boulder, Colorado, completed a resource evaluation report (National Instrument 51-101) in August 2017.

This report notes that “the assets are placed in an ideal geological location for large helium accumulations to be present”. Initial drilling results demonstrate strong evidence for commercial quantities of helium, with Unrisked Prospective Recoverable Helium Volume (P50) estimated at 6.62 bcf.

[View this report here]


Following several years of planning and testing, Bruin Point now has a clearly-defined plan to take this resource-rich land in Utah through the exploration phases and into commercial production by the end of 2018.

The next stage of operations for the Uinta Basin Asset is the analysis of additional 2D seismic data followed by vertical exploratory wells, which will refine the structural configuration of the subsurface and delineate the commercial opportunity. Construction of production facilities would follow, linked easily to adjacent infrastructure and just two miles from established helium processing facilities.

Bruin Point Helium is focused on satisfying the growing global demand for this unique and strategic commodity with a limited supply on earth, but used in a rapidly increasing range of application in the healthcare, military, nuclear, electronics, aviation and R&D sectors.

Rapidly growing demand faced with limited supply have led the price of helium to rise over 100% since 2005. The company expects this trend to continue markedly into the future.

With a leadership team with a proven track record in resources development and management, Bruin Point Helium aims to become a leading producer of helium for the North American and global markets.

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